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CAPSTONE Management Presents - Land Data Warehousing & Management

June 20, 2024

Time: 09:00 - 16:00
Location: CALEP Office Suite 1600, 520 5th Ave SW

 Land Data Warehousing & Management Mineral, Surface Contracts Session

Why Attend?

Land data impacts every aspect of our business and industry. From acquiring, tracking, managing, communicating, reporting, and rationalizing assets, data defines the difference between a proactive vs. reactive environment, a manual vs. automated setting, efficiency and above-average administration costs, and a good day vs. a bad day. Data affects deals, job satisfaction, internal communications, and relations.

Data is the silver-bullet for optimizing technology, assets & efforts, in any organization. Unless you maintain a 100% interest in all your properties &/or do not move your assets, every company has the opportunity to realize rewards through efficient data warehousing & management.


Session Content

This session reveals the general attributes used to define & measure data information, as well as the history & evolution of Land information & why & how it impacts our business, today. You will learn how to effectively warehouse & manage Land information to reduce administration costs, efforts, frustrations, processing cycles & timelines. We will discuss Land reporting with respect to reliability & performance & how to assess & rationalize property assets, faster & with more confidence.

We will focus on how to effectively streamline information within Land & how/what Land conveys to all departments of the corporation. You will also gain new insights & perspectives with respect to the optimization of 3rd party interface tools & applications, including existing Land software solutions (ie. P2, Pandell) & vendor relations. We will explore the true realities of digitization, including pros/cons, timing, approach, transition, short/long term rewards, etc.

In addition, we will step through effective data change management with respect to: day-to-day administration; cycles, processes; up/downstream operations; & special projects. We will embrace A&D transition, in detail… how to proactively & more attractively package/present your properties & ease all steps of the buy/sell process - all phases > rationalization, due diligence, title conveyancing, automated vs. manual data conversions, file transition, post, etc., by effectively managing information.

As a final, we will also discuss how to proactively identify data-related improvement opportunities and bring them to fruition in your existing environment, no matter your size, goals, or environment!

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Full-day session: Thursday, June 20, 2024
9:00 am to 4:00 pm (1-hour lunch break)
Target Audience: Land & IT Professionals - junior, intermediate, senior, management.
Cost:                        $299.00 per person 

For more info contact: Cheri Nichol 403-818-9890