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Land Agent License Renewal, Info & Affidavit

Do you hold a Permanent Alberta Land Agent License?

When renewing your license you have to complete a minimum 14 hours “improving your professional competence outside of your normal work”. As indicated in the “Qualification for Renewal of a Permanent Land Agent License” you will notice that Committee or Board Service will be accepted and will count towards this 14 hour requirement.

CALEP has created an affidavit for submission with your renewal application. The Land Agent Licensing Registrar requires this affidavit for any CALEP Committee or Board hours submitted on your Renewal Qualification Form.

The Registrar for Land Agent’s Licensing (“LAL”) has become more stringent in their review of renewal applications, especially relating to the required 14 hours of educational or volunteer hours. Please provide the Registrar with specifics and if it is a course that may or may not qualify, include a summary of the course along with proof of attendance. A few years ago, CALEP developed a form called Certification of Competency Hours Required for Renewal of Permanent Land Agent License – this includes hours for Education and Volunteerism within CALEP. In order for LAL to accept your volunteer hours, this form should be filled out by the land agent and signed off by the appropriate CALEP representatives.